Hi, I am Shannon McFarland.

I like getting things done.

In my five years of professional experience, I’ve worked with teams in newsrooms and at a brokerage firm, delivering stories on a deadline or producing complex documents for high-net worth clients. In my current position, I do digital marketing and supervise a customer service team for a growing regional rock climbing company.

Previously, I tracked a four-person team’s tasks for clients at Wells Fargo Advisors, ensuring nothing slipped through the cracks. I’m registered to make investment recomendations, as well as buy and sell stocks for clients. I helped clients settle complex estates, open new accounts for investing, and implement long-term strategies for retirement. I fostered relationships that helped retain clients and led to referrals for the business. While there, I also designed a new marketing kit and website, and was the point-person for marketing campaigns.

I’m comfortable working with all kinds of coworkers, clients, and other stakeholders. As a reporter, I interviewed executives, politicians, and even murderers, writing stories that made national headlines and landed me on live television shows. I’m comfortable working under pressure and tight deadlines to deliver results, using various tools, technology, and social media to wade through information and data to find the answers I need. I’m particularly interested in public policy and solutions to broad social problems.

I’m a New Englander at heart – I grew up in the Worcester area and now live in Somerville, Mass. while working at Central Rock Gym. I’ve lived and worked in Chicago, where I got my bachelor’s degree in journalism and political science. I finished a master’s degree and worked as a journalist in Springfield, Ill. at The Associated Press, before moving to Florida to write for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Check out my resume here or contact me.